Day 1 – Week 1 – Month 1 of 2017…

DATE: January 2, 2017

AUTHOR: admin

Time to start developing the plan of action, add a few milestones, prepare for more than the occasional face palm, and work on moving forward. Already have had a couple of hurdles thrown in my direction over the last couple of days, but nothing I am necessarily comfortable putting out here (even with my extremely large viewing audience!) but enough of a distraction to make the year start out a touch uncomfortably. But, beyond that, what is the plan of action? Here is an off-the-cuff series of thoughts to start working from:

  1. Food:  You know, this really needs to be up at the top of the list or very close to it.  For lunch today I had two roast beef sandwiches, a Tupperware plastic sandwich container filled with the tiny carrots and sliced green pepper, a good half of a bag of Goldfish, and a Mounds candy bar.  This doesn’t include the two 20 ounce Mt. Dew’s I have had through the day nor the multiple cans of Mt. Dew I will drink over the next couple of days.  And yet I wonder why I am fat! (Seriously… I stood on the scale a couple of weeks ago thinking I should be down 3 – 5 pounds but was up 7…  I am totally deluding myself.)  Starting this week I need to find and use a decent cooking/meal prep app and actually USE IT.  I know, serious concept there…
  2. Fitness:  It has been barely one day of the new year and I am already starting to stress out about being able to do anything this summer.  What the hell?!  I have several work out video programs and the apartment complex has a small gym room with even the most basic equipment in it.  I am also part of a program that works with veterans to get back into shape and hang out with other veterans, but I have not been able to make use of that program yet and, in my defense, the closest gym is in Beaverton which is not a quick drive so, with gas costs, not totally my fault it sits unused.  Hopefully a gym will open up with the program available in Vancouver.  Regardless, I want to do some Yoga (my flexibility is utter crap), work on Tai Chi (just because I am an enthusiast of the Eastern arts), get on bikes in the gym or out on the street and do what I need to do to at least work on some basic shape.  A lot of goals based around one of the most difficult things for me to motivate myself to do.
  3. Online Teaching:  I have really sat on my hands with this and this is one of the easiest things for me to do.  Even if the reward is minimal, it is something well within my wheelhouse and could be a decent income stream to augment my full time job and pay on my bills.  So, with that in mind, I need to sit down and mind map what I am going to teach in the future (most specifically get myself on track to put out several classes over the first quarter of the year).  I also need to work on what my courses are going to look like theme-wise.  I have several ideas on that and need to write this stuff down and make decisions.
  4. Other income streams:  I have a few ideas on that as well, but not as many because sales is something I am not overly thrilled to deal with.  I need to rework my mind and my ideas about this as well as work on feeling good about what I am looking to offer.  So many scammers out there that I don’t want to be associated with. Yet the bottom line is that if I don’t get myself financially improving, none of the other things will matter much.  The finances are the lynch pin of what I want to be able to do moving forward and, while money does not buy happiness, it allows you to afford those things that can provide that (such as property to garden, a place for woodworking, etc…)
  5. Mental health:  The biggest area that I need to focus on, as well, is my mental health.  Developing a more positive outlook (whatever that looks like) and calming my inner stress monster are crucial for me to be there for my kids and myself.

So… while this was more of a brainstorming session than developing hard goals, there are things that I can work on that are specific listed within these 5 focus areas.  I will be back with more soon….


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